Learning through content capture, learning experience delivery and testing achieves results!

Features of the 7 Steps Learning System

7 Steps Learning has the most efficient framework and tools to help everyone involved learn and stay on track. Using any computer,  camera,  and smart device in conjunction with the 7 Steps roadmap, your team can quickly assemble job content. Content can be added to one master file for an occupation from multiple collaborators to be utilized in the training course for the occupation.  This content will deliver job success through a carefully structured and integrated process of checklists, micro-video, documentation, and fault diagnosis assistance. Without increasing the costs of your professional training infrastructure, you are able to implement training in a fraction of the time.

7 Steps Learning will benefit any company by helping capture job content for any occupation that is easily accessed and comprehensible to your employees allowing them to be trained quickly and reach optimum productivity, safety, compliance, and fulfillment in a fraction of the time. This will enhance customer and colleague satisfaction, as well as improving margins.

Many companies wish to provide video-based training on secure websites but have been hindered by the long and costly development cycles. The 7 Steps System will solve this for you.


By using an economical capture process of micro-videos and photos, we help you create a training pipeline to rapidly capture job content in one place creating numerous occupational digital libraries of training courses.

By allowing your learning experience developers to deliver hands-on training,  in the field, putting the information in the workers’ hands on-demand, using their smartphone, smart tablet, or computer.

Giving you the ability to discover the 20% of the occupation that occurs 80% of the time with the 7 Steps road map. Initial learning experiences focus on the critical 20-30% to bring employees to high productivity and excellence faster.

Helping your learning experience developers use lower cost methods of capturing occupation illustrations and reducing the costs of course development.
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Upgrading your conventional training allowing it to be accessed across multiple platforms by including online, video, or virtual reality which includes progress tracking and testing throughout the process allowing measurement of instructional effectiveness.

Allowing your instructional systems specialist to make available examples of everything an employee on the job may encounter including videos, images, pictures, critical documents, safety signage, and procedures. 

Allowing you to create instructional programs where new employees become experts in the 20%-30% activities while the experienced employees focus on the 80% that happens 20% of the time.

Opening the door for income generation through an open market platform for you to sell your occupational digital library training courses to other companies.

Ready to take the 7 Steps to Success?