Les Cowie


Les Cowie immigrated to the United States from South Africa, where he taught technology skills to people with limited or poor access to education. He’s enjoyed a distinguished career, in the U.S., working with various venture capital groups and corporations to acquire, develop, and sell businesses in the manufacturing, commercial, and service sectors.  Over the course of more than 20 years, he’s developed a practical methodology in analyzing critical occupations to determine how to maximize the training content by focusing and perfecting the key elements within the training content through a 7 Step process using a systematic process for content capture and digital smart devices, 2D and 3D/XR/AR/VR for delivery.  His approach changes the role of instructors from a ‘talking head’ teaching approach to an ‘experiential learning delivery, practice, observe and test’ productivity approach.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the premier innovative and effective digital tools and support internationally for people challenged to capture job content for existing and new jobs in order to create learning experiences quickly and economically for organizations and humans at work.

Our Vision

Our vision is to contribute to international, innovative communities of learning development specialists who capture job content, develop learning experiences, using 2D, 3D, virtual reality and ‘smart’ technologies; a community that distributes this content free or for funding, so that more people can perform productively, safely and in compliance for the benefit of others as current jobs change and as technology innovation creates new jobs.


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