Create employee training content in weeks instead of months and deliver it in seconds!

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What 7 Steps Learning can do for you

7 Steps Learning is designed to help you quickly create a structured roadmap for a successful employee instructional system implemented through a user-friendly app. It gives your company identifiable training tools to quickly access and ensure employee competency and shortens onboarding for new employees which results in decreased spending and increased profits. 

Save Time
7 Steps Learning allows the capture and distribution of all your relevant occupational content over multiple occupations simultaneously. You'll develop relevant training courses quicker and easier.
Save Money
Create quality instructional experiences faster for more occupations using a simple smart phone recording or other digital devices without having to produce expensive professional videos for instruction.
Creates a digital library of instructional systems for distribution to your entire team instantly. Your team can access it from any digital device.
Whether you use 2D, 3D or Mixed Reality delivery of eLearning training experiences, the 7 Steps application provides a scripting tool to accelerate script development.
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7 Steps Learning will help you achieve productivity and profitability by decreasing the delivery time for occupational training systems to your organization. Seven Steps Learning opens the door for instant distribution of content from your library of occupations to your employees in the field. Your content library can be easily and inexpensively modified when the need arises. 

Employees can learn in their off hours or from home. 7 Steps Learning, eliminates taking employees off the job for an entire day to train in the classroom eliminating the potential of forgetting elements of what they learned.  7 Steps Learning keeps your employees up to date and educated on the newest skillset or job requirements quickly and easily while still keeping the company running at its full potential.

7 Steps Learning provides the infrastructure and technology to capture multiple occupational functions. Host the content in your own digital micro-learning library.  7 Steps Learning takes this technology a step further through the optional delivery to employees via 2D, 3D, VR/AR/XR capabilities. Designed for international use, it allows content capture in either English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. Each video can be edited with two soundtracks in different languages and uploaded to the Masterfile for bilingual distribution. 

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The New Normal is Now

The COVID 19 Pandemic created a need for large organizations to change their approach to creating instructional systems and running their businesses moving forward. Deliver at home learning. It’s also the perfect time to mentor skilled employees to capture occupational content from home for future learning experience development and delivery. Why wait, start now!